Critical success factors

General guidelines for implementing best practice processes:

Get support
Get the support of your managers, teachers and headteacher before starting to implement processes – you will need their backing to make them enforceable and they will appreciate being involved early on.

Get buy in
Get buy in from users and of course the rest of the ICT/technical support team – they may have a useful contribution to make and will be more amenable to change if they are involved in it.

Have a strategy
Have a strategy and plan your implementation for suitable times – discuss your plan with managers, teachers and headteacher.

Have a campaign
Have a communication and publicity campaign to keep all affected parties such as users, suppliers, or school managers, informed – build up their enthusiasm and ease live implementation.

Keep it short
Don’t try to do too much at once – take one process at a time and make it work well before moving on to the next one.

Keep it simple
Try out a process using one or two people before launching it across the whole school – it will make wider implementation much easier.

Be realistic
Be realistic about what is achievable – it takes time for processes to show results and make improvements – don’t expect instant solutions.

Allow enough time
Allow enough time for participants to learn the new processes and get used to them – they need to become habit and this takes time.

Measure it
Start to take measurements and produce reports as early as possible so that you can demonstrate progress and maintain motivation.

Don’t give up!
If a process takes too long to show results or isn’t working, don’t be deterred. Try again – letting things slip back to old ways won’t solve anything.

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Ruby on Rails - Serious exploit
This item is a heads up in case you are running Ruby on Rails. There is a serious exploit for RoR out in the wild. Full information is posted here

If you are not running any Ruby on Rails websites then this does not affect you.


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