Approach to implementing FITS

Approach to implementing FITS

In our experience, ICT technical support departments have little free time to spend on implementing processes and procedures because day-to-day activities are unpredictable and must take priority.

Our aim is to help you begin to remove some of the unpredictability by introducing best-practice processes in small steps and so begin to realise the benefits as quickly as possible with the minimum impact on your normal activities.

Each section takes a standard approach:

Cyclic implementation

Standard format for each process

It is also important to remember that there are some key success factors when attempting to implement processes like these:

Critical success factors

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Ruby on Rails - Serious exploit
This item is a heads up in case you are running Ruby on Rails. There is a serious exploit for RoR out in the wild. Full information is posted here

If you are not running any Ruby on Rails websites then this does not affect you.


"... Indeed I do see FITS as an adapted for education variation of ITIL, as the industry standard (ITIL) is quite hard to implement "by the book" in an educational organization"
- Todor Kotsev - ICT Services Manager/ITIL Service Designer

“… absolutely perfect content for our current IT environment. Extremely relevant.” “… George was a brilliant presenter. If we were to have any further training we would like to request him."
Taryn Hauritz – Director of Learning Technologies

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