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The aims of The FITS Foundation are to spearhead the professionalisation of the ICT workforce in the Education marketplace, improve the quality of ICT technical support services through the use of a structured service delivery framework and have a positive impact on teaching and learning experiences and outcomes.

In line with these aims, the ICT Services Framework initially managed by Becta and now transferred to the DfE, mandates that all of the service providers staff providing technical support in schools be FITS Practitioner qualified. In addition, all technical support staff must have a working knowledge of FITS and a number of the staff must also be FITS Advanced qualified.

A plan is agreed between the service provider and the FITS Foundation to bring all of the staff up to the required level and when this training is complete The FITS Foundation awards the provider with The FITS Foundation Accredited Service Provider certificate and logo.

However, there are only a relatively small number of service providers on the ICT Services Framework leaving the bulk of providers no option via that route to become FITS Foundation Accredited Service Providers.

To address this, The FITS Foundation has opened up the potential for any service provider to become accredited through the new FITS Accredited Service Provider Framework.

Framework Structure

Acceptance as a member of the FITS Accredited Service Provider Framework requires the same minimum set of criteria that a member of the ICT Services Framework must meet. The first of these criteria requires that all of staff providing technical support services in schools have achieved the FITS Practitioner qualification.

The second criteria requires that 10% of staff providing technical support services in schools have also achieved the FITS Advanced level qualification.

In addition to these we require a number of your clients to complete a FITS customer satisfaction survey and for you and some of your clients to have taken part in a FITS audit.

Continued membership of The FITS Foundation Service Provider Framework requires members to undertake an annual review to ensure that any new staff that have joined since the last or initial review are scheduled onto a training course. There is also an annual renewal fee of £995 payable from the second year of membership.

All trained staff are required to undertake a refresher course every three years to keep their knowledge current.

For further information regarding becoming a FITS Foundation Accredited Service Provider please contact us by email or phone us on 01926 800121

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"... Indeed I do see FITS as an adapted for education variation of ITIL, as the industry standard (ITIL) is quite hard to implement "by the book" in an educational organization"
- Todor Kotsev - ICT Services Manager/ITIL Service Designer

“… absolutely perfect content for our current IT environment. Extremely relevant.” “… George was a brilliant presenter. If we were to have any further training we would like to request him."
Taryn Hauritz – Director of Learning Technologies

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