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Hello and welcome to The FITS Foundation.

The FITS Foundation was formed in September 2009, with the help and support of Becta, as a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee to manage the on-going development and support of FITS so that it became self-funding. The aims of The FITS Foundation are

  • to provide a resource for senior leaders and practitioners in the education sector
  • to spearhead the professionalisation of the ICT workforce in the Education sector
  • to improve the quality of ICT technical support services through the use of a structured service delivery framework
  • to have a positive impact on teaching and learning experiences and outcomes

The first stage of the journey towards a self-funded model was to create internationally recognised accreditations for all those involved in ICT technical support in education. Consequently, two levels of accreditation have been designed and are now registered on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). They are SQA Level 3 Certificate In ICT Support in Education for Practitioners (QCF) and SQA Level 4 Certificate In ICT Support in Education for Managers (QCF).

To support these accreditations we have designed two matching training courses which are run over two or three days, depending on the course, and delivered by one of a number of training partners that we have signed up for this purpose located around the UK and internationally.

Delivering Effective ICT and Value For Money

By implementing the structured methodology that is FITS, schools have been able to save on the cost of their technical support. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has adopted the Framework for ICT Support for delivering ICT in a total of 100 primary and secondary schools. Since its introduction, FITS has established a reputation for providing useful processes and tools that have improved the delivery of technical support within education.

“Over the past three years, the team have received positive feedback from clients. By using FITS, my team has been able to manage more incidents and lower costs, in fact FITS directly allowed us to reduce support costs by 25%” – Paul Levett

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The FITS Foundation Members Area

In the past, schools were able to access the Becta website for advice, templates and general guidance on a wide range of subjects. In order to continue to provide that advice and guidance, we have created a members area where we make available all of the FITS material. However, we are aware that this only covers a small part of what was previously available so we have plans to expand on that material.

We have membership options for Schools and individuals which can be found in our members area here. As a not-for-profit that receives no government funding we have to make a small charge for this membership. However, the charge has been kept to a minimum to provide value to our members.

Future Plans

The next stage of the work of The FITS Foundation is the creation of a professional body specifically geared to everyone involved in the use of Technology and Support in Education. The new organisation will have charitable status and will initially be called The Association for Technology and Support in Education. It is planned that in due course it will become an Institution but this takes longer to achieve since it requires specific Government approval.

We are at the final stage of creation of this organisation now, submission to the charities commission, and expect it to commence operations early in 2012. Anyone joining The FITS Foundation as a member now will be automatically registered as a member of the new association when it goes live. Joining us now will ensure that you become a founder member of the new professional body at the current membership fees. One of the many benefits that we have recently introduced for members is a 10% discount on our scheduled courses.

Help Us to Help You

As we build our new resource it is important to us that we include all of the areas that our membership require help with. We can only do that if our members and other visitors to our site let us know. We therefore invite everyone to post their comments here or send us a private message through our contact form.

If you share our vision you may want to help us further by becoming a sponsor. We have a range of sponsorship packages that I would be happy to discuss with you. Contact me personally regarding this on 07977 130379 or email me at

Thank you for taking time to read this introduction to The FITS Foundation, I look forward to continuing to help and support education in the UK and internationally.

Trevor Greenfield
Chief Executive
The FITS Foundation

FITS Is Making A Difference

Since the FITS Foundation was set up in September 2009, over 900 staff in schools and colleges around the UK and overseas have undertaken the FITS practitioner course and passed the FITS Level 3 certificate in ICT Support in Education: Practitioner.

Implementing the FITS framework is delivering significant benefits including moving from reactive to proactive ICT support, reducing recurring incidents, freeing up technician time, providing a structured approach to the use of technology and having a positive impact on teaching and learning experiences.

Many schools are finding that having the FITS methodology in operation and FITS trained staff provides invaluable evidence of effective use of ICT when undertaking an Ofsted review.

See what many of our current users have to say;

If you have not yet investigated the benefits of implementing FITS in your school or college contact us now to find out how to get started.

Contact telephone: 01562 740695 or email

Essential ICT Management Skills for School Leaders

The start of a new academic year brings with it a reminder that the challenges we left behind before the summer break are still here to be managed now.

Today many schools have considerably more ICT than most businesses.

Businesses operate their ICT effectively and efficiently by adopting ICT management practices that are considered to be best practice and are proven to impact positively on the user experience.

For ICT to impact positively on teaching and learning experiences and outcomes, school staff must be confident that;

  • the equipment will work reliably
  • issues will be resolved quickly
  • problems won’t recur

For this to happen;

  • teaching and admin staff need to know the process for reporting issues
  • technical support staff need to know the process for resolving issues
  • leadership teams need to know the process for managing issues

FITS (Framework for ICT Technical Support) is an international methodology specifically designed to help schools manage ICT implementation, day-to-day performance, and technical support. FITS improves the quality of ICT technical support services through the use of a structured service delivery framework.

How FITS helps?

FITS helps schools by;

  • reducing ICT support costs by as much as 25% through efficient and repeatable processes
  • shifting technical support from reactive fire fighting to proactive management
  • promoting a customer service ethos among technical support staff
  • creating an environment of common language and understanding of ICT across the entire school
  • improving communications and relationships between technical support staff, teachers, office staff and school leaders
  • integrating ICT into the school planning and budgeting processes

Who should receive FITS training?

Best results are achieved when schools train a team comprised of;

  • Principals, business managers and other school leaders who drive ICT strategy in the school
  • ICT directors, managers, technicians and other staff who support ICT in schools

FITS training is provided at two levels – Practitioner and Advanced. Both are accredited through SQA (The Scottish Qualifications Authority) and consequently carry internationally recognised qualifications.

To register your interest in taking control of your ICT through the FITS training and learn more about FITS go to or if you are based in Australia or New Zealand.

Keep Safe Online – Internet Safety Course

News Update

We have now included the FITS Internet Safety course within the FITS members area providing even more value for our members.
If you are not already a FITS member or your membership has expired we encourage you to join now to get the Internet Safety course at a much cheaper rate than it was previously.
Check out the Internet Safety course with us


Ruby on Rails - Serious exploit
This item is a heads up in case you are running Ruby on Rails. There is a serious exploit for RoR out in the wild. Full information is posted here

If you are not running any Ruby on Rails websites then this does not affect you.


"... Indeed I do see FITS as an adapted for education variation of ITIL, as the industry standard (ITIL) is quite hard to implement "by the book" in an educational organization"
- Todor Kotsev - ICT Services Manager/ITIL Service Designer

“… absolutely perfect content for our current IT environment. Extremely relevant.” “… George was a brilliant presenter. If we were to have any further training we would like to request him."
Taryn Hauritz – Director of Learning Technologies

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